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Claiming for absences

What absence are you claiming for and supporting documentation

We understand that speaking to a staff member about their absence can be a very delicate situation and you may not always know the reason they are absent. That is why we won't pressurise you or your staff member.

Simply let us know about the absence, we can then start the initial claim process and you can provide us with any supporting documentation we may require when you are able to. We can even take this over the phone so it is not always necessary to send documents to us.

No pressure

When a member of staff goes absent it can be for a number reasons. Sometimes those reasons are personal or difficult and they may not want to disclose them to you. We understand it isn't easy to discuss absence with the member of staff, especially initially. That's why we don't pressure you into collecting details of the absence or any supporting documentation we may require.

We begin processing the claim immediately after it has been logged with us. Then, when you are able to, simply provide us with further details of the claim and any supporting documentation.

It can be stressful dealing with staff absences, and trying to get all the information can exacerbate this.

What documentation might you need?

Depending on the claim, we may need additional information. For example a medical certificate, or further details of the illness.

When you first log the claim we'll tell you what further information or documentation we will need.

What makes us different?

Many providers may require documentation immediately when a claim is logged, or will not process the claim without sufficient documents or supporting evidence. We're different; simply log the claim with us and we'll start processing it, with or without supporting documentation.

Need to log a claim?

Call the team on 0800 7833 500 or find out more about claiming on our claims page.

What we've paid?

In the past 10 years we've paid over £110 million in staff absence insurance claims.

Please review your policy documents for a full explanation of what you can claim for.



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