NASBM guidance for improving school financial outcomes

In the 2013-14 academic year 55 percent of teachers in service at any time during the year had at least one period of sickness absence. For those teachers taking sickness absence the average number of days lost was 7.9.*

Following the release of NASBM’s guidance for improving school financial outcomes, it is important to remember the significance of acquiring appropriate staff absence insurance, and the process in which it is procured.

Efficiency in schools

The report focused on efficiency within schools, aspects such as eliminating waste, implementing better time management and staff training, small changes can result in significant improvements in efficiency.

An area in which schools often spend a lot of time and effort is the procurement of staff absence insurance. Often it can be a difficult task to decide what insurance is best for your school, comparing different policies across the market takes up valuable time and resources which schools could better put to use.

It is vitally important that schools select a policy that suits their specific needs and requirements as a poorly chosen policy could cost the school thousands over the course of a year.

Save time and effort

The Education Broker can save schools time and effort when searching for staff absence insurance with a unique service that offers four different policies from various different insurers with just one form. By offering four different policies, it means we have a range of products that are sure to meet a school’s needs.

We also compare those policies, and any others a school may be interested in, to help you find the right one for you. Our experts clearly explain the differences of each policy so Business Managers can decide which one will protect their school the best. Staff absence insurance can be complex and comparing the different policies available on the market is time consuming. By comparing policies for schools, we can help Business Managers save time, effort, and procure staff absence insurance more efficiently.

Ultimately better for children

The NASBM report set out to fundamentally change the behaviour of schools towards the subject of efficiency. By ensuring the optimum use of resources schools can concentrate on providing the best education possible to their pupils. The Education Broker, which is the only provider backed by the NAHT, similarly wants to help schools focus on what’s important, by helping them choose the right policy in an efficient way.

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