We are an approved partner of ISBL.

The Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) is the UK’s leading association working exclusively on behalf of the School Business Leadership and Management profession, supporting staff within all schools and academies.

The association supports training and continual professional development for those who fulfill the role of the school business manager, bursar, finance officer, administrator and school secretary. They also offer the profession an influential voice in national educational policy and continually strive to raise the profile of school business management.

ISBL aims to support their members to carry out their role more effectively and The Education Broker is Partnering them in achieving this.

ISBL recognises our unique service to schools, colleges and academies. Helping them quickly and efficiently source four different staff absence insurance policies from various insurers with the completion of just one form, saving time and effort.

The Department of Education encourages schools to conduct a ‘best value’ exercise so by using us, you’ll be doing this in one step, as all the quotes are independent of each other (and from various insurers).

Stephen Morales, Executive Director of ISBL says:

"The Education Broker helps school business managers achieve best value by comparing 4 separate Staff Absence Insurance policies in one go. Peace of mind is assured as experts detail the differences in cover for you. And from this year, a unique wellbeing service is also available for interested schools."

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Why choose The Education Broker?

★ We are a Preferred Supplier of NAHT and an Approved Partner of ISBL

★ We offer four different policies, each of which can provide extensive cover

★ Pre-existing illnesses and pre-planned operations can be covered

★ Cover available for chronic conditions

★ Receive our wellbeing service, free in the first year

'Best Value' analysis in one step

To find out more about The Education Broker or to get a quote:

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