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Understanding Maternity Cover

Maternity cover is important as maternity leave can often be the biggest absence cost, so it's important to know how it could impact your budget and how insurance can help reduce the cost.

Use our Maternity Leave Calculator to help calculate the shortfall on individual salaries. 

The Education Broker is here to help you understand the potential cost of maternity cover and how you can protect your budget.

What staff are entitled to receive for Maternity Leave (time and pay)

  • Amount of leave - a statutory minimum of 52 weeks, regardless of length of service or hours worked. The last 13 weeks are unpaid.
  • Amount of money - depends on the terms and conditions of employment and eligibility for maternity pay. Entitlement is normally through Occupational Maternity Pay (OMP) and Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP).

Table 1 - If an employee has full entitlement for the 39 weeks of paid leave they could receive:

a) If entitled to OMP ('Burgandy Book')

b) SMP (if not entitled to OMP)

*Whichever is lower

What staff may be entitled to receive for Shared Parental Leave (SPL) and Pay (ShPP)

As of the 5th April 2015, if a teacher is due to have a baby (or adopt a child), they (and their partner) are entitled to receive SPL. This must be taken between the birth of the baby and first birthday (or within 1 year of the adoption) and the employee (or partner) must have ended their maternity or adoption leave and pay early. The statutory ShPP weekly pay is £140.98 per week or 90% of the teacher’s average weekly earnings, whichever is lower.

If your employees are entitled to the enhanced Occupational Maternity Pay when taking Shared Parental Leave then the shortfall shown below may differ.

How much money your establishment can claim back

The ‘employer’ can claim back SMP through reduced NI payments. The proportion varies, dependent on the amount of NI paid. It is currently 103% SMP if your NI payments are £45k or less per year, or 92% of SMP if they are more than £45k.

An illustration of the cost to your establishment

The illustration below is for a full time teacher in 2016/17** based outside London on a pay scale of 5 with an annual salary of £30,430.00*. It assumes SMP is claimed back by the school at 92%. The weekly salary payable for this teacher is £585.19* Table 2 – The table* below shows the weekly salary deficit between weeks 1-39.

Table 2 - The table* below shows the weekly salary deficit between weeks 1 - 39.

* All figures relate to gross salary
** Pay scale for teachers in England and Wales from 1st September 2016 to 31st August 2017

Table 3 - The graph below shows the shortfall between OMP and the amount of SMP you can claim back.

Use our Maternity Leave Calculator to help you calculate the shortfall on individual salaries.

What you can do in advance to protect against potential costs

Specialist insurance brokers, such as The Education Broker, have insurance policies specifically designed to help schools, colleges and academies bridge the potential gap. We can also help with Paternity Leave and Adoption Leave.

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