Why do I need Staff Absence Insurance?

If a member of staff is unable to work, there can be unexpected costs. Supply cover can be an unforeseen expense for long periods and often isn’t budgeted for. Having an insurance policy is like having a safety net. Staff Absence Insurance helps to protect you from these unplanned expenses by paying you a benefit, allowing you to budget more accurately. 

What makes The Education Broker different?

With just one form, we source four different staff absence policies from three A-rated insurers, saving you time and effort. We’ll then compare our policies for you in line with your needs so that you can make an informed decision.

The Department of Education encourages you to conduct a ‘best value’ analysis. By using The Education Broker, you’ll be doing this in one easy step.

What about Maternity Leave?

All of our policies have the option to include maternity, paternity and adoption leave cover. These are all different so that you can choose the right level of cover for your school’s requirements.

For more information on the level of maternity cover provided in each of our policies read our policy comparison guide here.

Do you offer wellbeing support?

When you take out a policy with us, you'll be entitled to our FREE wellbeing service, Working Well Together. It’s designed to proactively maintain or improve the health of your staff, reducing the likelihood of absence.

We’ll arrange for a health technician to visit your school to perform health checks on your insured staff. They’ll then go through the results with you and offer advice to improve your schools – it’s a great team-building exercise and makes your staff really feel like you care.

Continuous or annual policy, what’s the difference?

A continuous policy means that absences occurring through the future renewal date are automatically eligible for cover, provided the policy is renewed. The renewal is the continuance of that policy.

An annual policy is where absences occurring through the future renewal date are not automatically eligible for cover, even if the policy is renewed. They may be endorsed to be covered at the underwriter's discretion. The renewal is effectively a new annual policy - the cover starts afresh.  

What if I have an on-going claim with another provider?

Every case is different so please contact us to chat through your circumstances with a member of our team.

Are non-teaching and part time staff covered?

Yes. You can cover staff such as administrative staff, support staff and caretakers. Simply choose the staff categories you want to be covered. 

Part-time staff can also be covered, with the benefit proportionate to the hours worked.

How are claims dealt with?

All claims are handled by our in house claims department. You will be given your own claims handler who will be able to answer any questions you have.

Remember the sooner you make your claim the sooner we’ll be able to pay you. We’ve made it easy for you to log a claim with a number of ways to contact us. For more information on the claims process visit our claims page here.

What if there are staff changes?

If there are staff changes, it’s important to let us know as soon as possible so that your policy is kept up to date – this helps us to pay your claims promptly.

Making a staff change is easy and can be done at any time. Simply contact our team.  

How can I get a quote?

There are a number of ways you can get a quote.

Get a quote online here.

Call the team on: 0800 169 4614

Email the team: info@theeducationbroker.co.uk

Request a call back here.

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