9 tips for feeling happy at work

When we’re unhappy at work, it can be easy to immediately look for the first emergency exit off our career path. However, we suggest the following 9 steps for keeping your cool and feeling happy at work.

1. Leave your personal problems at the door

Admittedly easier said than done, but when your mind is drifting elsewhere it can be difficult to concentrate on what you’re there to do. After all, nobody has a completely problem-free personal life. It’s important to feel like you’re being productive at work, just as it’s important to let go of work when you’re enjoying time at home.

2. ‘Nest’ in your office

Make your office space feel like it really is your own. Fill it with colour, your own stationary and photos of your family and friends – as much as your employer allows. Make yourself feel at ease because you’re spending at least eight hours a day there, and that’s probably longer than you spend in your bed.

3. Gather an office support network

Creating a circle of colleagues with similar lifestyles and backgrounds helps to take some of the pressure of work off. Voicing your feelings to people understand can minimise stress - #SBLTwitter is a great place to start. 

4. Stay healthy and hydrated

Your energy levels and attitude are affected by your diet and hydration. If you maintain a diet of healthy and fresh foods, you’ll be one step ahead. Keeping a water bottle on your desk can also help you monitor how much water you’re drinking.

5. Manage your workload 

Feeling like you’ve accomplished your workload can give you a sense of empowerment. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed you can feel a sense of motivation, confidence and satisfaction. Create a manageable schedule to handle your workload by designing a good filing system, making lists, prioritising and focusing on results.

DfE released a workload management toolkit for schools this summer to help you reduce your workload by identifying what tasks and which areas you’re spending time on.

6. Stay active

Taking a few minutes throughout your day to get up and move can really improve your sense of happiness – working in an office can be very sedentary. A fitness tracker can help monitor how much you're really moving. 

7. You can’t change people

You can’t change anyone, but you can change the way you react to them. Look for a way to resolve any conflicts with co-workers and avert uncomfortable situations.

8. Treat yourself

Whether its dinner with friends, the odd city-break or a massage, it’s important to treat yourself now and then. The positive aspects of your life can influence not only your work, but your mood at work too.

9. Focus on positives

Whether it’s something as simple as the view from your office window or your colleagues, focus on the things you like at work. Stressing the positive will make your job more enjoyable because you create your own mindset. Worrying about the negatives can lead to feeling overwhelmed. 

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