Confused over Staff Absence Insurance?

Some decisions are simple, like what to drink: tea or coffee. You know the consequences of that wrong decision are minimal. That’s not the same when deciding how you should fund your staff absence costs, as the wrong choice could cost your budget thousands.

One way to protect your budget is to buy commercial insurance for staff absence. There are a number of different policies available but how do you know if you’re selecting the right one? It should definitely not be based on price alone. Like children, no two policies are the same.

Commercial insurance

Tempting as it may be to save costs upfront and opt for a cheap policy, it could cost you in the long run. You need to really understand the policy and how it applies to your school’s unique needs. The devil is really in the small detail.

The Education Broker offers 4 different policies and can explain the differences in cover for them all; they can help you compare policies from other providers too. So when you make a decision, you’ll be better informed and confident the decision you’ve made should not cost your budget any more than the cost of the policy.


Why choose The Education Broker?

★ We are an Approved Partner of ISBL

★ We offer four different policies, each of which can provide extensive cover

★ Pre-existing illnesses and pre-planned operations can be covered

★ Cover available for chronic conditions

★ Accesss our 'Health & Wellbeing Hub', at no additional cost

'Best Value' analysis in one step

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