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Notifying us about claims - SupplySmart

Notifying us of a claim is a quick and easy process.

Our SupplySmart policy is one of the best in the market – even if we do say so ourselves. With SupplySmart you have 60 calendar days from the date of occurrence to notify us of a claim – which means you don’t have to panic in what can already be a stressful time.

How to notify us?

The 60 day notification period begins on the date that the absence occurs – this gives you plenty of time to speak to our team.

To log a claim

Call: 0800 783 3500 - option 1

Claims conditions

There are claims conditions as well as the notification period; these are outlined in brief below:

  • Notify us by phone, email, fax or post. This must be received no later than 60 days after the absence commenced
  • You must provide us with reasonable assistance and evidence that we require concerning the cause and value of any claim
  • As part of any claim, you will provide proof of additional costs incurred

Please refer to your policy documents for a full list of claims conditions, as well as information relating to inclusions and exclusions of the policy.



Why choose The Education Broker?

★ We are a Preferred Supplier of NAHT and an Approved Partner of ISBL

★ We offer four different policies, each of which can provide extensive cover

★ Pre-existing illnesses and pre-planned operations can be covered

★ Cover available for chronic conditions

★ Receive our wellbeing service, free in the first year

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call: 0800 169 4614

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