Cyber Insurance for Schools

Schools, academies and MATs are being hit by cybercrime – ensure you are protected with cyber insurance from our parent company Towergate Insurance.

Cyber attacks on schools increasing

While you’re likely already aware of the threat of cybercrime, it is important to note that in recent times cyber attacks have been on the increase. Specialist cyber insurer CFC is seeing seven or eight notifications each day, with over 50% of these relating to the theft of funds or ransomware.* Damage to your school’s systems can be costly, not to mention the data protection risks around private and confidential information being accessed.

Anyone can be the victim of cybercrime. For example, Wisepay, the school payments service, had its website hacked. The attacker harvested payment details by using a spoof web page. Approximately 300 schools were affected by the scam.**

How can you ensure your school is protected against cyber crime?

  • Department for Education’s Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) - Does not include any specific cyber cover - make sure you add it in.
  • Local Authority - Do you have any cyber cover, and if so what does it cover?
  • Insurer - Do you have bespoke cyber cover, or do you have a cosmetic add-on? Or possibly no cover in your existing insurance programme at all?

Cyber-attacks are the modern crime and cyber insurance is the way to protect against them. We’ll help you cut through the jargon, buzzwords and complexity.

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