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Maternity Leave

The cost of arranging cover for staff who take maternity leave can be a big financial concern for schools. But don’t worry, not only can we easily add maternity leave cover to your staff absence insurance policy, we can also offer you more than one option – helping you to select protection that works for your budget.

Generally, maternity cover is not offered as a single product but rather as part of staff absence insurance. Any school can buy maternity cover as part of their policy, providing you’re not participating in a Local Authority Maternity Scheme.

Most of the options we offer will pay you even if your staff member doesn’t return to work. We believe this should be clear from the get-go so that you can plan your budget accordingly and receive a guaranteed payment shortly after 18 weeks of leave, when you need it most. This means you’re less likely to have to pay another premium before your claim is paid.

You can also arrange cover for both adoption and paternity leave – no excess is applied to these benefits.

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Understanding Maternity Cover

Maternity cover is important as maternity leave can often be the biggest absence cost, so it's essential to know how it could impact your budget and how insurance can help.

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Maternity Claims

To help make sure your maternity, paternity or adoption leave claims are not declined, make sure you know the claims process for maternity cover.

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