Wellbeing Service

  • FREE when you take out a policy
  • Reduce the risk of staff absence
  • Make your staff feel cared about with a free and non-invasive health check
  • Access to helplines for staff and their families
  • Access to online library of information for staff wishing to take action

Our fortè is arranging staff absence insurance, but what better way to complement it than with our FREE wellbeing service (Working Well Together) that’s designed to help your staff improve their health?

After all, by ensuring your staff are happy and healthy, they’re less likely to take sick leave. Not only does this result in fewer claims and potentially saving money in the long-run, but it also shows your staff that you care about them – we’re all human aren’t we.

Don’t just take our word for it, take Kriss Akabusi MBE’s

How does Working Well Together Work?

  1. Take out a Staff Absence Insurance policy through The Education Broker
  2. Find out how healthy you and your staff are with a visit to your school from a qualified health technician to look at things such as your body fat (%), metabolic age, visceral fat (%) and blood pressure
  3. Staff then have access to a user-friendly online library of information to help them maintain or improve their health. They’ll also have access to confidential helplines to cover issues like stress counselling, medical issues, legal affairs and money matters

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