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9 tips for feeling happy at work

Your mood at work makes a massive difference to your productivity. Whether it's clashing with the people you work with or feeling sedentary, we've written 9 tips for feeling happy at work.

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7 tips to transform your classroom

The look and feel of a child's classroom can have a significant impact on the way they learn. We've come up with 7 tips to transform your classroom for the ultimate learning environment – why not try applying these around the whole school or passing them on to a teacher?

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A healthy lifestyle: proof is in the salad

A delightfully warm summer has meant lighter lunches and more time spent being active outside. But why is it that our motivation grinds to a halt once we start wrapping up again? Try incorporating our 3 easy tips into your day, in a bid to stay healthy throughout those colder months.

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The growing problem of stress

Raise your hand if you agree working in a school environment can be stressful. We look at how this affects your body and how to deal with it.

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How to survive as a School Business Manager

There's no doubt that being a School Business Manager comes with its challenges. If you're feeling frustrated with the pressure of SBM life, read our survival tips. 

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How to help employees with long-term sickness

A useful guide on helping employees with long-term sickness back to work, including practical steps and how to manage long-term absences.

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Confused over Staff Absence Insurance?

Some decisions are simple, like what to drink: tea or coffee. You know the consequences of that wrong decision are minimal. That’s not the same when deciding how you should fund your staff absence costs, as the wrong choice could cost your budget thousands.

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Academisation - A change in approach

Academisation is no longer compulsory but still an option for schools.

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